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In the midst of rice fields in North Ubud, storks exploring rice fields for small fish, farmers work hard to plow land and us? Yes, we are having an adrenaline adventure through the beautiful Balinese countryside! Quad bike. Buggy Dirt. Fast river tubing. Bali Quad Discovery Tours has all been closed! Bali Quad Discovery Tours is a well-established company with more than 15 years of experience in the adventure tourism industry in Bali. Because we really couldn’t decide which tour to go to, we chose the 2 in 1 adventure tour where we could do a little of everything.

Our 2 in 1 adventure with Bali Quad Discovery Tours
After waking up brightly and early in the morning, excited for the adventure of the days, we waited eagerly outside our hotel. As if it were clockwork, our driver stopped at 8:15 on time. When he jumped out of the vehicle while clutching his list of names, he gave us a breakfast bag consisting of a bottle of water, a bar of chocolate, and a box of juice. The perfect surprise for someone who is clearly not a morning person! Getting into the car with other adventurers, a warm smile from the driver, professionalism and friendly attitude convinced us that we were on a good day.

After a short trip from our hotel in Ubud, we arrived at the ATV Bali house. Soon we were shown the facilities where we could leave our belongings, were invited to help ourselves to drink tea, coffee and cakes and were shown a security video detailing quads and train operations.

What To Use For Your Adventure with Bali Quad Discovery Tours:
Like most adrenaline-provoking adventures, you should wear comfortable clothes so you don’t mind getting wet and dirty! Solid shoes like trainers are the best …