In the midst of rice fields in North Ubud, storks exploring rice fields for small fish, farmers work hard to plow land and us? Yes, we are having an adrenaline adventure through the beautiful Balinese countryside! Quad bike. Buggy Dirt. Fast river tubing. Bali Quad Discovery Tours has all been closed! Bali Quad Discovery Tours is a well-established company with more than 15 years of experience in the adventure tourism industry in Bali. Because we really couldn’t decide which tour to go to, we chose the 2 in 1 adventure tour where we could do a little of everything.

Our 2 in 1 adventure with Bali Quad Discovery Tours
After waking up brightly and early in the morning, excited for the adventure of the days, we waited eagerly outside our hotel. As if it were clockwork, our driver stopped at 8:15 on time. When he jumped out of the vehicle while clutching his list of names, he gave us a breakfast bag consisting of a bottle of water, a bar of chocolate, and a box of juice. The perfect surprise for someone who is clearly not a morning person! Getting into the car with other adventurers, a warm smile from the driver, professionalism and friendly attitude convinced us that we were on a good day.

After a short trip from our hotel in Ubud, we arrived at the ATV Bali house. Soon we were shown the facilities where we could leave our belongings, were invited to help ourselves to drink tea, coffee and cakes and were shown a security video detailing quads and train operations.

What To Use For Your Adventure with Bali Quad Discovery Tours:
Like most adrenaline-provoking adventures, you should wear comfortable clothes so you don’t mind getting wet and dirty! Solid shoes like trainers are the best for land activities and water shoes or crocodiles are perfect for pipes.

After the adventure, there are facilities for hot showers and clean towels provided, so it’s a good idea to take a new set of clothes. During the day, especially if it’s hot, don’t forget your sunscreen. The track can also be very dry and dusty, so many people choose to wear sunglasses and face masks to protect themselves.

The helmet and shin guards kept burning, we immediately tore the training circuit. After taking in the safety video and being given further explanation by the guide, it seemed like a habit to us. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. We eagerly counted our laps until we were released in the beautiful Balinese countryside!

“Follow me!” We are leaving! Racing through the rice fields, we glide down the long dirt road. Slide down the hillside. Balancing our wheels on the side of the hole and wallowing through deep puddles. As we drove through the lush green areas, obviously we were thousands of miles away from the commercial area, full of tourists. We see real Bali while having fun! The women who balance the piles of fruit on their heads stroll past us. Livestock grazing with satisfaction. The children chased us, waving frantically as we passed the village. Apart from adventure – this is truly the only way to see Bali!


Quad cycling in Bali

Choose packages that include buggy and quad, we have more than one hour in each vehicle and can experience good bell and quad power from buggy! Combining the two ATVs on the same tour is the perfect meaning of grouping that we can fulfill with the greed of our gasoline heads! Compared to a similar tour that we have taken, we are filled with the time allocated for these two drives.

After returning to base, we were greeted by delicious dishes to prepare us in the afternoon on the river. Rice, curry, vegetables, fries, noodles … the food is abundant and definitely what we need! After our first aid, our plates were cleared and we were invited to return, which we did … it is not polite to do it! The five QuadBali Discovery Tour is high for all included!

Canyon Tubing with Bali

Belly was full, we met our new guide and excitedly put on our safety equipment for the afternoon. All equipment is in good condition and our guide ensures that it suits us. We were pleased to learn that the old Landrover was waiting for us to take us away and connect us with the second adventure of the day. Soon, we were in the canyon when they dropped us off at the first suspension bridge along the river route. Crossing it feels like an adventure! As we hold on to the side and cross the wooden board to where our tubes are waiting, rapids flow beneath us.

We could feel the wrath of the river coming from a spring just 500 meters to the North. Springs not only mean that the water is fresh, but even in the rainy season, the depth of the Ready River changes very little! With enthusiasm, we jumped in and began to slide down the river. Bouncing from stone to rock, spinning with currents and diving in rapids, the river controls us and we really can “go with the flow”. The river has full control over our trip and takes care of us through a lot of decline, fall and fall.

Tubing in bali

In contrast to white water rafting tours which can be found almost anywhere in Bali, Bali Quad Discovery Tours tubing requires individuals to have one raft per person. This not only gives us a little peace and quiet, but jokes, we have more independence and greater freedom for our own personal experiences, rather than serving according to the group. Bali Quad Discovery Tours works amazingly in meeting group needs and maintaining group size to suit your needs, once again adding to a familiar and amazing experience.

Part of the way down the river we found an optional “flying fox”. The zip line is 80 meters long hanging above the river. I mean, who can reject this extra bonus! Our guides equip us all with bridles, careful to make sure we are all comfortable and properly bound. Walking on the path, we were excited and a little worried! After being clamped to the wire, we were instructed to step onto the ledge before we shot along the cable, following the direction of the river. When we travel farther and faster, the big net in front of us is visible – our “brakes”. Before we realized it, the net dampened us and stopped us from flying.

The end of the river is much calmer, allowing us time to complete the adrenaline that pierces our body and takes in the deep hills and feels that surround us. Very cool last 10 minutes for our 2 in 1 adventure tour, drinking again at “the real Bali”. Happiness.

Quad cycling in Bali

Fees for Bali Quad Discovery Tours
Bali Quad Discovery Tours operates several different tours throughout the day. The phrase “you get what you pay for” can’t be more true with this company. (Price per July 2016, for an updated price list, it’s best to check their website.

Adventure 2 in 1 with a tubing canyon – $ 169
2 in 1 rafting adventure – $ 169
Drive quad or buggy – $ 99
Adventure Canyon tubing – $ 89

There is also the opportunity to buy photos taken by the guide. It costs 400,000IDR for about 65 photos, which are loaded into a USB device and the most worth every penny. However, if it’s a little steep, individual photos can be bought instead, much cheaper! Roam quad cycling lovers in Bali

What Prices Include:

  • Air-conditioned transfers to and from your accommodation – shuttle including Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Nusa Dua & Jimbaran
  • Personal insurance up to IDR 500,000
  • Unlimited tea, coffee, water, juice and snacks
  • Delicious hot lunch buffet
  • Shower facilities with hot water and towels
  • Lockers for your valuables
  • All safety equipment includes life jackets, helmets, shin guards and protectors
  • Waterproof bag if you want to bring valuables with you

All in all, we have fun with people at Bali Quad Discovery Tours. Their tour is fun, well-managed, and perfect for adventure addicts like us! We are happy to be able to do a little of everything that is why the 2 in 1 adventure tour is something we highly recommend for those who want to spend the day with them. See the video below if you want to see our experience with Bali Quad Discovery Tours.

Please note that some services from Bali Quad Discovery Tours are free, but, as always, all opinions are ours and remain completely unbiased.

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